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Everything You Need For Stock Market Research

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For more than 50 years, we have perfected the formula for Stock screening and selection so you focus on building powerful Investment Strategy for your clients. Now improve your chances of picking winning stocks with MarketSmith Platform.

Why Us

Global Expertise of over 50 Years
Covers over 3900 indian stock and over 7200 Global Stocks
Award winning Research & Advisory
Property Charts and Investment

Our Products

MarketSmith is a comprehensive stock research platform that gives you all the analysis tools, and support you need to make smarter, more profitable investing decisions.
Facilitates informed investments and portfolio building while providing impetus to fund management strategies.
Short-term trading ideas applying the rules of our proprietary CAN SLIM® investing methodology applied to the swing trading environment.
Algo driven and robotic smart investment & trading ideas powered by Big Data, Artificial Intelligence & Quant mental analysis.


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Delight your customers by offering full end-to-end world class Investment Advisory Services with out them leaving you website.
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Interactive Webinars

Actionable insights to help improve your investment strategy.

Investing Education

Seminars and workshop content to help improve all of your investing and business skills.

Personalised Coaching

Start strong with personalised product coaching

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Based on percentage revenue done

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