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Why become a MarketSmith India Partners?

MarketSmith India is a comprehensive stock research platform that gives you all the data, analysis tools, and support traders need to make smarter, more profitable investing decisions. It is an investment tool developed by of William O'Neil India, which is a part of O'Neil companies (USA). For more than 50 years, our founder William J. O'Neil has been educating U.S. investors on the proven investing method he created. His investing classic "How to Make Money in Stocks" has sold more than 2 million copies worldwide. Now, for the first time, we're expanding to India to offer a tool focused on Indian stocks. Our goal, however, remains the same: To provide individual investors with the knowledge and information they need to achieve success in their investments and in their financial lives.

Our Reseller are not only market smart they also help their clients and customers take informed trading decisions.

Why MarketSmith India?

 Global Expertise

Global Expertise of over 50 years

Research & Advisory Services

Covers over 3900 Indian stock and over 7200 Global Stocks


Award winning Research & Advisory Services


Proprietary Charts and Investment Metrics

Benefits Referrer Authorised Reseller Preferred Reseller
Recurring commission 10% 20% 25%
Training Revenue
Pre-sales Training
Customer Discount / Promo Codes
Access to basic sales/marketing material
Clients Training & Webinars
Access to advanced sales/marketing material
3 Months FREE Paid Subscription
Prospective Leads generated through Marketing Activities
Free Complimentary plan for your own use and sales demo
Training / Workshops / Seminar & Other Marketing Development Funds
Additional incentive schemes
Advanced Training & Certification
Pre-requisites to the next tier Minimum 2 Sales Sell Minimum 20 Subscriptions Achieve Monthly / Quarterly Sales Goal

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Resources to support - Reselling Business


Interactive Webinars

Actionable insights to help improve your investment strategy.


Investing Education

Seminars and Workshops Content to help improve all of your investing & business skills.


Personalised Coaching

Start Strong with personalised product coaching.