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Take control of your investment Life :

Our partners takes charge of their investment decisions and develop their own market expertise through their extensive research. Equipped with the knowledge, they cut through the "noise" making better profit during uptrends and protecting the capital during downtrends. We designed MarketSmith stock chart for busy investors who want to participate in the stock research and investing, even if they have limited time to devote to it.

Intitutional-quality data

Gain access to the same high quality data that fuels the research products used by professional portfolio managers.

Ratings and rankings

Quickly assess a stock's potential to advance in price with Marketmith's exclusive stock ratings.


Build solid conviction behind your investing decisions.

Eifficient Stock

Evaluate the strength and potential of any stock with in our industry leading database in one view such as news, analysis, chart and fundamentals.

Simplify your stock research process

Moves flaxibly among the various stages of research, from finding strong stocks to analying metrics to the industry group tracking.

List Manager

Keeps track of market investments, customizes their display, sort using a variety of data points and flags the top contenders.

MarketSmith India

Free Content

  • Evaluation Section - Check and eavluate any stock.
  • William O'neil Proprietary Ratings & Rankings.
  • Price & Volume Charts - Monthly, Weekly, Daily charts, analytics including moving averages, Relative strength Line, Log-Linear charts etc.
  • Daily Market Updates
  • Investing University, webinars, videos etc.
  • Special articles
  • Basic Idealists

Premium Content

  • Model Portfolio along with reports on additions, removals, daily updates etc.
  • Robo Advisor - Algo generated trading ideas based on CAN SLIM methodologies but Buy and Sell points with custom filtering and sorting options, premium user lists, Near Buy Point lists etc.
  • Pattern recognition with buy and sell regions, configrable pattern details etc.
  • CAN SLIM and other Guru check-list with customizable screening creteria.
  • Relative comparison ranking among industry groups.
  • Premium Market Outlook Reports - Pre & post market analysis, weekly summary, suggested approach.
  • Guru Screen - Stock ideas based on renowned stock market legends investing style and philosophy.
  • Build Your Screen - Custom filtering of stocks.
  • Different Stock Screens - Stock screening based on predefined parameters.

SWINGTrader India

Premium Content

  • Current Trade List - List of exicutable trade ideas on SWING trading environment.
  • Past Trades - Access to all the past trades which has been executed through SWINGTrader.
  • Market Action - Outlook of the market.
  • Recent Alerts - All the alerts pertaining to the current trades and past trades.
  • Market OutLook - Market overview and research reports.


There is no free content in Quantsmith India. All contents in Quantsmith is premium content.