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MarketSmith India has four key sections to support your investment decisions: Idea Lists, Evaluation, Market Outlook, and Model Portfolio. You can get further detail on features by selecting the (i) buttons scattered throughout each section.

Idea Lists

Idea Lists offers you a shortcut to either 1) finding new stocks to buy that leverage our investing principles and Pattern Recognition, or 2) monitoring the stocks that you already own or are watching, on up to 50 separate lists. You have the option to generate watch lists by running select filter criteria against all Indian stocks.

All users have access to the "Up On Volume" list to identify stocks with qualities associated with increasing interest in the stock by professional investors. Additional lists, such as Growth 50 require a subscription.

Navigating your lists on MarketSmith India

  • Tap on a stock in the list view to see the Evaluation view of a stock. Swipe left or right to go to the next or previous stock in the list.
  • Add a stock by simply tapping and holding on the mini chart, then dragging it onto a personal list.

Evaluation View

The Evaluation view is composed of a stock chart and the stock-specific data in the Details Tab. This view efficiently combines the key stock information you need to validate your decision to buy or sell or to commit to further research.

The Chart Overview support content will provide you with an orientation of the data items available on the chart and how they may be used to quickly evaluate a stock.

The Details Tab breaks down the data grid so you can better understand the comprehensive fundamental and technical stock information available.

Market Outlook

Market Outlook provides a weekly commentary on overall Indian market conditions, an analysis of select stocks on our premium Growth 50 index list, and an evaluation of how well our list performed versus the market. This outlook helps to clarify whether the current market environment is helping or hurting growth stocks.

Model Portfolio

Model Portfolio is a weekly update on how the positions are progressing in the portfolio of stocks picked by the research analysts at MarketSmith India. Following the changes to our portfolio is a great way to see our method in action, and learn how to take advantage of the powerful information available on the app particularly if you are new to investing in Indian growth stocks.

Weekly commentary in the Model Portfolio includes its overall performance against the National Stock Exchange, a list of positions entered, added to, or sold from the portfolio, and any noteworthy performance by stocks, triggered by significant news events, earnings releases, or technical changes.

You should buy the really great companies-the ones that lead their industries and are number one in their particular field. All of my best big winners were the number one companies in their industries at the time they were purchased.

-William J. O'Neil,
How to Make Money in Stocks

If you have any questions about the information provided in the four sections of MarketSmith India, we encourage you to contact us at