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No, there is no notification sent on the Growth 50 list. The list gets updated on the product every Friday, close of business. Please click on the Growth 50 tab to see the list. The list also includes Recent Additions and Recent Removals tab.

Growth 50 provides you with algorithmically generated list of the top growth stocks in India. One can then filter out top stocks using "TOP STOCKS-NEAR BUY POINT". However, the list does not consider the chart patterns. Once you select any stock, you should research further and wait for the ideal buy point before taking the final decision on that particular stock.

The Growth 50 list is algorithmically generated list of the top growth stocks in India, with strong fundamental and technical characteristics. The list gets updated on a weekly basis, and can have stocks that may or may not be available at their ideal buy points. There is a likely possibility that there could be common stocks in Growth 50 and the model portfolio.

On clicking Filter India Stocks under Idea Lists, you can see an option to Filter and sort the list of stocks. The list of stocks can be filtered by five of our proprietary ratings (Master Score, EPS Rating, Price Strength, Buyer Demand, and Group Rank) and eight other common parameters (Market Cap, Average Daily Volume, % off High, Volume % change VS. 50-DMA, Daily Price % Change, Current price, ROE%, % VS. Pivot.

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Available Filter Option:

You can refer to Current Holding in India Model Portfolio list or the Growth 50 list for our recommendations. Please note, Growth 50 is an algorithmically generated list and it gets updated once a week, every Friday.

Click the Idea Lists button on the home page, followed by the "Filter India Stocks" button under the "MarketSmith Reports" panel. Once this is completed, tap the button on the top right corner labelled either as "Filter Off" or "Filter On." This section enables you to create your custom stock screens using various criteria, including MarketSmith India's proprietary ratings and rankings. You can view stocks using the "Group Rank" button, which are great (1-20), good (21-40), fair (41-60), or poor (61-197). You can use the additional filters to customize and strengthen your list of stocks.

At MarketSmith India, we look at two criteria for the initial screening of stocks before and further examining for CAN SLIM® traits.
1. Market Capitalization of INR 600 crore or more.
2. 50-Day Average daily trading turnover of INR 1 crore or more.

CAN SLIM® methodology would gauge the breakout based on the close price and the volume of the day. Stock closing above the pivot with above average volume indicates strength and hence, we recommend stocks post market hours.

We do not recommend stocks based on a specific time period or target price. Our model portfolio recommendations have spun as short as a few days or weeks, or it could even take few months before they generate the desired level of returns (20-25% profit booking level).
The CAN SLIM® methodology follows the below sell-rules.
1. Stop-loss at 8-10% below your purchase price.
2. Profit booking level of 20-25%.
3. Break below the stock's 50 or 200 DMA support level on high volumes
4. The only exception when we have a specific time frame is when a stock jumps more than 20% very rapidly from a proper base in under three weeks, we would like to hold stocks for a minimum of eight weeks.

At MarketSmith India, we would ideally take a new position in a stock within a range of 5% from its Pivot price. It means that the lower limit of the buy range would be the pivot price, and the upper limit is 5% over the pivot price. In case the stock price falls below this buy range, it is suggested to wait for the stock to come back into the buy range before exercising new buy orders. However, if the investor is convinced and confident about the growth story, he may as well take an aggressive entry that would help in capturing the up-move from current price to pivot. By this we mean that even if the stock falls below the buy range, after our recommendations, a good quality stock will eventually move up in the subsequent trading sessions.

CAN SLIM® is a registered trademark of O'Neil Capital Management Inc. All rights are reserved.