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“It's all the little important details you learn by repeated study and observation that add to your knowledge and skill and make the difference between succeeding and almost making it in the investment world.”
~ William J. O'Neil

The 1960s that gave birth to the Go-Go Years on Wall Street, was the same time around which a significant cultural shift saw the early success of William J. O'Neil, an outstanding young trader at securities firm Hayden, Stone & Co.

While many investors were relying on P/E ratio as a key stock screening metric, our founder O'Neil studied historical models of winning stocks and developed a proprietary trading methodology that blends quantitative and qualitative analysis-A method we still use today.

  • A new era of Investing 1960
  • William O'Neil + Co, Inc was founded
  • O'Neil becomes the youngest person to buy a NYSE seat
  • O'Neil Fund becomes the top-performing fund in the country
  • O'Neil invests $2 million in R&D
  • A Challenging Decade on Wall Street 1970
  • DatagraphsTM is launched
  • Technology Goes Global 2000
  • Daily Graphs, Inc launches Daily Graphs Online
  • 1994-Launch of William O'Neil Direct Access, an online data research platform
  • A Roaring Bull Market Led by Technology 1994
  • Navigating a Volatile Market 1980
  • First edition of O'Neil's best-seller How to Make Money in Stocks is published
  • Black Monday see the S&P 500's Largest one-day drop in history
  • Launch of Investors's Business DailyTM, an investment newspaper
  • The first Model Book of Greatest Stock Winners is published
  • Opening of O'Neil Data Systems
  • Innovation Drives the Market 2010
  • Opening of offices in London and the establishment of William O'Neil India Private Ltd.
  • MarketSmith, web-based investment research platform, is launched
  • AlphaScope®, a unique equity recommendation algorithm, is added
  • The establishment of William O'Neil + Company China Private Ltd.
  • The future of intelligent investments 2019
  • Daily Graphs, Inc was founded to help investors with stock market charts
  • Opening of Stock Mart, a low-commission, discount brokerage firm
  • Three more volumes of the Model Book of Greatest Stock Winners published
  • WONDA® adds the global market data From 71 markets
  • Introduction of the Global Focus List & expansion William O'Neil + Co's stock database globally