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May 06 2020
By MarketSmith India
William O'Neil India is a comprehensive stock research company that gives you all the data, analysis tools and support, you need to make smarter, more profitable investing decisions.
Founded by Mr. William O'Neil, the O'Neil Companies has over 50-year legacy in stock research, with a proven record of success in tracking over 4000 stocks in Indian Market (70,000 Stocks Globally in over 70 different markets) and serving 600+ Institutional Clients by providing them end-to-end solutions for equity research, alpha generation, asset management and investment decision making.
Every Year we come up with our Top Stocks Book which has detailed research based on CANSLIM methodology and identifies the top 30 Growth Stocks. This is one of the most widely read and sought after annual publications for our investors even in the US Market. Several of this hand-picked stocks have generated good returns last year.

The ongoing panic around the current Pandemic has led investors to be tensed and unsure about their investments.

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