Rushit Sejpal

Research Analyst | William O’Neil India
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Rushit Sejpal has been working as a Research Analyst with William O'Neil India for almost three years now and is in charge of tracking top-performing stocks for MarketSmith India's Model Portfolio. Before his stint at William O'Neil India, Rushit was part of Morningstar's Indexes team. 
An alumnus of BITS Pilani, Rushit has a flair for investing in growth stocks and enjoys learning and teaching the O'Neil Methodology
Among his favorite books that he recommends others to read as well are:  
Being an avid follower of William J. O'Neil, he deeply believes in his sayings -
  • "Repetition is how you learn any new skill’
  • “Investing successfully is a skill you can learn if you have the burning desire to work at it until you succeed." 

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