Product Overview

Stock research is critical to investing success, but gathering all that information can take hours. With MarketSmith India, you’ll know the strengths and weaknesses of individual Indian stocks in minutes—based on concrete facts.

Get yourself prepared and go for it. You’ll find that little acorns can grow into giant oaks. Anything is possible with persistence and hard work.

—William J. O’Neil,
How to Make Money in Stocks

The app, available for Android smartphones summarizes the data essential to decision making, derived from a growth-oriented investing method that has proven to outperform major indices across the globe for 50 years. Plus, the app’s “model portfolio” makes it easy to apply or adapt this method to your own investing routine.

Armed with facts about the strengths and weaknesses of India stocks, you can make more knowledgeable investment decisions. The app also delivers weekly Market Commentary on the Indian Stock Exchange, including important status changes in overall market direction.

In-app upgrades are available, which give you access to more sophisticated features, as your investing knowledge grows, including:

  • Pattern Recognition — a visual highlight on stock charts that helps you see patterns that signal more optimal times to buy and sell a stock, whether you are taking profits or avoiding losses.
  • Stock reports and lists — a limited number of investment ideas are available in the free version. The upgrade includes the “IND 47” and other premium lists, derived from screens created by our investment team.
  • Market commentary — from our India research team offers a weekly summary of important market activity and noteworthy price action by individual stocks.
  • Model Portfolio — offers you the chance to follow the application of MarketSmith investing principles and learn basic portfolio management. This commentary is a great resource for investors new to stock research.
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Stock Evaluation
Proprietary Ratings and Rankings
Investing Wisdom Quotes from William O’Neil
Price & Volume Charts (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
Actual and Estimated Interim and Annual Earnings
Key Fundamental Data (e.g. Sales, Return on Equity)
Top Rated Stocks in Same Industry Group
Idea Lists
Up On Volume List
India 47 Premium Idea List
(includes Additions and Removals List)
Income Stocks Premium Idea List
User Lists & Screening
User’s Favorite Stock List
User Lists (Max 50), and list management
Simple Screener
Market Outlook
Current Market Status
Weekly Handwritten Market Analysis Commentary
Pattern Recognition
Full Chart/Evaluation View
Mini-Chart in Idea List
Top Stocks – Near Buy Point List
Model Portfolio
List of Current Holdings
Weekly Handwritten Model Portfolio Commentary